Monday, December 2, 2013

Sugar Is Toxic and Many Are Being Killed by It

Not until reading a recent article in National Geographic, August 2013 edition, did the truth about sugar hit home. While it has been my beef for years to warn people away from food containing high amounts of sugar little did I know that it is in virtually every foodstuff bought over the counter? In many cases it is used as a food enhancer for take away foods and then in all soda drinks, ice creams and other foods where one expects to find it. The problem is that few people suspect it is in such high proportions.

The history of this grass was another surprise as it originated in the Pacific region of New Guinea where it was domesticated around 10,000 years ago. It then travelled from island to island eventually reached the Arab countries where it was treated as a luxury item for guests. It made its way to Europe via the Crusaders and was first used only for royalty.

There are reports that Henry VIII used to have huge cakes made from it and that his teeth rotted as did those of Queen Elizabeth the first who also had a sweet tooth. In those days few would ever have heard of diabetes as this disease is caused by sugar. There is a good chance, however, that Henry possibly died from it and his daughter might also have had some hindrance in that area as well.

Sugar is apparently to blame for many modern diseases that are racing out of hand. High Blood Pressure, heart disease, and strokes are high on the list. A British nutritionist, John Yudkin, proved that high levels of sugar in the blood led to obesity and fatty livers whereby the function of the liver breaks down.

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