Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Businesses And Homeowners - Cut Back On Waste By Recycling These Materials

A growing concern for the world we live in has become more and more apparent through the years. Actions consumers took or products that were manufactured in the past that have since been determined harmful for the environment have ceased and green efforts have increased. Consumers and businesses alike are jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to green living little by little.

One way to decrease negative environmental impact is through recycling, which is a fairly simple task. Recycling helps conserve valuable resources, save energy and reduces our already overcrowded landfills. These positives all contribute to environmental protection.

So, what can be recycled? Many waste materials homes and businesses produce can be recycled. Glass containers are on the list. These include clear or colored glass containers. Newspapers and other paper waste can all be recycled. Also on the list are aluminum or steel cans and plastics. All of these recyclable materials are self-explanatory except for plastics. Plastics get a bit tricky; the plastic container will have a code on the bottom encircled by the traditional recycling icon. If the code is a one or a two, which can be seen on plastic soda bottles or plastic milk jugs, it can be recycled. Other numbers require a special recycling process.

With that, there are some additional items that are recyclable, but must be taken to a special facility. Some examples include motor oil, used car batteries and electronic devices.

Another option is to reuse items. Consider plastic bags from the grocery store, scrap wood, old clothes or jars. These items can have various uses. Consider reusing plastic bags at the grocery store, or to transport items to and from a destination. Scrap wood could be used for other building projects; old clothes can be used as rags for cleaning or can be sown into something else. There are often many other uses for items consumers view as waste, it just takes a little creativity.

As a business, consider reusing returnable packaging for shipping. This could include returnable containers formed from plastic or it might simply be a cardboard box that is used over and over. These materials may offer several uses, and then when their condition worsens, they can be recycled.

There are many ways to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. It does not require a lot of time or energy. Consumers and businesses just need to know what local requirements for recycling are and to live more mindfully. If each person or business takes on one new recycling project this year, the global impact would be huge.

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