Sunday, December 1, 2013

No One Can Save the Environment or Planet Earth Because God Is in Control

The complexity of human nature and the situation in countries where people are more concerned with fighting and killing each other than they are about the rising temperature or the climate changes makes any attempt at saving the earth impossible. Add to that the commercial interests that believe that the more people we have the more money they will make and the scenario is even grimmer.

We are in a corner from which there is no escape and the end will come rather quickly as nature is demonstrating already. In an instant thousands are wiped out when a cyclone hits, such as in the Philippines last week. The mess left behind is only a small sample of what is coming.

Juxtaposed over those things is the damage done by mining that has virtually been ignored. Huge mountains of different ores are being moved from one place to another as the weight distribution on the crust alters. Fracking of rocks beneath the surface is unsettling it as gas is extracted. Already there are major earthquakes and the tsunami of the Indian Ocean, December 26th, 2004, is an example of what is ahead. With hundreds of thousands killed at the one time the power being exercised against us is enormous and there is nothing any of us can do.

The Haiti earthquake killed almost the same number and people are still trying to recover from all of these events. The question is why are we in this situation?

Old Testament prophecies tell it in the prophecies. Therein one learns that there is a plan in place and that God, the Spirit of the Universe, is responsible for what is happening. We can't fight the Supreme Power but we can try to understand it.

That's why my work is channeled from the Spirit to undo the lies of religions and to expose the plan of God to the world. Not everyone will receive this as genuine but there is nothing fake about what is happening and it was all forecast to occur more than two thousand years ago. In those forecasts it also states that at the end a woman will be used to bring the Children of Israel, the Spiritual of God, out of the lies and into the light.

It starts with disclosures about the identity of 666 and the work he did in hiding the truth. It includes commissions given to me to take God off the cross because you can't crucify Spirit. The image people think of as the Son of God was invented by this man for his own benefit. He forced all to worship his image or be killed. He is Emperor Constantine and he established the Roman Catholic Church from which has grown all of Christianity. It says so in Revelation 13:13-18

With those things exposed it suffices to say that God was never on a cross but that's how religious people see the divine in their imagination.

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