Wednesday, December 4, 2013

5 Reasons Your Company Should Host Clothing Donation Bins

The holiday season is fast approaching. It is a time for indulging, dipping into the chocolate treats, or sipping your favorite cocktail. Spending time with family, and friends and enjoying delectable cuisine is one way that many of us ring in the season. Those of us who are fortunate will take part in many a dinner parties this season. We will don our best attire, and dress up with fancy jewelry and scarves to impress.

However, not everyone will even make it to the dinner party, or have the opportunity to enjoy a meal at home with their family. As we all know, there are always those who are less fortunate, and the holiday season is the perfect time to acknowledge how fortunate we are, and pay it forward. How can we do this? Taking up a used clothing collection at the office is the perfect way to start.

Why take up a clothing donation bin at work?


It brings everyone together. Working together towards a cause creates a cohesive work environment, and allows people to get to know one another better.


Donating clothes helps everyone. Those of us who have too much can pass on our goods to others, and rid our closets of excess. Giving a warm coat to those in need is a great way to bring in the holidays.


Tax deductions. It is always great to donate before tax season arrives. Give to others, and lower your tax bill at the same time!


Putting a clothing donation bin at work brings the holiday spirit to the office. Work is hard, and tiring and having something positive to get excited about is always a plus. Employees can arrive with their donation in hand, and drop it off before they begin work. Starting their day with such a positive vibe could potentially increase performance on the job, and it certainly won't hurt.


Every company should get involved in some kind of charity work, especially during the holidays. It boosts morale, and frankly, it gives the company a good face. The community wants to know that your company values sharing, and caring about those who are in need, and getting involved in this by donating clothing is a simple way to do so.

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